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Patient transport

1. serial patient transport with blue lights vehicles

2. advanced patient transport with Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Nowdays the National Ambulance Service is too busy to do patient transport beside the emergency cases. That’s the reason why private ambulance service can give their support to this project in our country and also in Europe.

At this time our vehicles attended in the UK, Germany, Italy, France etc. with several variety of patients (particularly: pediatric, trauma cases and also variety of internal medical cases.

The level of patient transport all time depends on the patient conditions and the length of the journey. To meet to the claims with the mission the following equipments are available: all the necessary drugs in er. cases, injectomats, suction units, sincron – asincron defibrillator, bed side monitor, 12 leads ECG., oxygen if necessary with respirator (Drager Oxylog 3000.), Entonox, special vacuum immobilisator kit, etc.

All vehicles and equipments meets with the European standards.

Medical support of all kind of events

The specificity of events, the following ambulance units are available:

  • first responder service (with basic equipment)
  • ambulance vehicle (with basic equipment)
  • medical car – paramedics or MD on board (with extended equipment)
  • paramedic unit (with extended equipment)
  • mobile intensive care unit (with extended equipment)

Attend in case of emergency in cooperation with Hungarian National Ambulance Service

Air ambulance service

In the case of patient transport when need to take longer distance we can ensure our air ambulance service by plane: Beechraft King Air C-90.

Certainly with the necessary, professional crew, also with the required equipments.

This service available already 1.600.- euros, but the costs depend of the necessary treatment.

We recommend it for those patients primarily, when the time is an important factor.

For more information, please visit our website or may ask a phone recall!

All our proffesionals are registrated in the Office of Health Authorisation and Administrative Procedures (www.eekh.hu)

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